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Exciting Times at ISOT 2023!
(Indian Society of Organ Transplantation)

Oct 12, 2023, | Dr. Chinta Rama Krishna M.D, D.M (NEPHROLOGY), Vedanta hospitals

Grateful for the engaging discussions and valuable insights from peers. Let's continue advancing transplant care together!

🔍 Navigating the Post-Transplant Journey:
 A Glimpse into the Future at ISOT 2023 “One Kidney Transplant – One Life.” A mantra that resonates deeply with all of us, emphasizing the essence of each transplant: a renewed chance at life.

During my presentation at the esteemed ISOT 2023, I explored:
🔹 Current gaps in our transplant care model
🔹 The paramount importance of enhancing graft and patient survival
🔹 The role of technology in transforming the post-transplant experience

#hellokidney A beacon of innovation designed to bridge these gaps. By harnessing the power of technology, remote care, and personalized solutions, HelloKidney promises a smoother, healthier post-transplant journey – making quality kidney transplant care accessible to all.

Friends, I am happy to learn and share more insights on how technology can transform and make meaningful change in the lives of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation.

What are your thoughts on Post Transplant gaps and unmet needs in the complex journey of Kidney transplant patients and how can we leverage technology for them?