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Many physicians who provide medical services to post-acute care facilities do so in addition to their work in their own practices and making hospital rounds. It’s because of this that it becomes understandable that their practices often take priority. It’s also understandable if returning calls to the facility might be put off until the end of a long day, or quick facility visits get squeezed into a busy week – or skipped. General Medicine is a leader in post-hospitalist medicine. It was more than 30 years ago when Dr. Thomas Prose had a vision to provide specialized care to patients in post-acute care facilities, whether long term or in transition between hospital and home. They care only for patients in post-acute care settings. Primary care physicians at traditional post-acute facilities typically care for as many as 1,000 patients. Post-hospitalists, on the other hand, care for 150 to 200 patients.


Always caring about your health,
we are here to help you!

Always caring about your health, we are here to help you!