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Kidney and Heart Health Camp
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ABO-incompatible Kidney transplantation: An Advanced Kidney Treatment Strategy for end stage kidney disease

           Vedanta Hospitals as a part of improving the lives of rural people, conducted a Kidney and Heart Health Camp in Rompicharla Mandal ZP high school, Rompicharla with the help of VDO, DEO, and respected local people. We conducted heart and kidney tests for 200 patients with various ailments and gave awareness talks about preventing kidney and heart problems with simple dietary changes. Unfortunately, We found serious heart-related issues in a few and were given personalised treatment at Vedanta Hospitals. Dr. Chinta Rama Krishna Nephrologist, Dr. A Tirumala Naresh, Cardiologist, Dr. Manjula Sri Ram Physician and Dr. Siva MBBS participated in this health camp and distributed medicine to all 200 people.